Top five root android applications of 2012

Android is becoming popular day by day in the modern world. Due to its immense popularity, new root apps for android are releasing everyday. It is quite difficult to choose any one from the repository. Every month hundreds of new applications are releasing to draw the attention of potential users. Here is compiled list of best root android apps according to my experience. Remember that it is very hard to compile list of best android root apps from thousand of applications. It also depends on individual taste and preferences.

Torrents Android Client

The application allows you to manage torrents on your android device. You can also download new torrents according to your requirement. Every one accessing Internet is familiar with the importance of torrents. They are usually required to download videos, songs and other applications. The application manages the torrents through RSS. It was declared as one of the best applications in 2010 and 2011. The application is equally popular in 2012 also.

Universal one click root

If you are looking for excellent application to root your android phone then one click root is smart choice for every individual. It is necessary to root your android phone as it improves overall functionality of your device. You can root your phone with few clicks. You can also check the complete rooting process over web. You can not use certain apps if your android is not rooted. One click root gives root access to the thousands of apps.

Power boot app for Android

You can boot your device at regular interval with power boot application. In most of cases, we boot our device when it is not working properly or its speed had become damn slow. The same case is applicable with android device also. You can reboot your android device with some simple steps. The sad thing is that application does not support recurring reboot.

Pocket Agent App

The application works amazingly when you are travelling or busy with some work. In this situation you are not able to respond any email, call or text message. The application sends automatic text message to the caller. You don’t have to waste your time when you are in middle of any task. If you are still confused then you check its working over the web. Also read the reviews to check the authenticity of application. You will easily get an idea either application is good for you or not.

Unrevoked App

You can root your device with unrevoked app. You just have to follow some simple steps in order to complete the rooting process. Rooting is necessary to use most of the android phones. A new version has also been released in the market. The version is compatible with almost all android phones. For avoiding confusion, you can check either your model is compatible with the application or not. Rooting process should be followed carefully otherwise it may results into bricking. Countless similar applications are available with Google Android market. You can check complete list of android root apps over the web.